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Oct. 24th, 2006
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Sept. 23, 2006
Rockview PL event entry deadline September 26th - Event Scheduled for Saturday Oct. 28th!

Sept. 11th, 2006
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Updated Multiple State Record Categories
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September 7th, 2006
USAPL Rockview PL Event October 29th! How to enter here!

2006 USAPL BP National Championship Results Here!

Check out the PP contest calendar for more events!

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August 28th, 2006
Motivations BP Championships III Results
2006 USAPL Northeastern USA   Regional Bench Press & Powerlifting Championships announced in the regional events section

August 6th, 2006 teams up with
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Adults (18-64)

July 5th, 2006
July IPF News Letter - Picture of PA's Jim Brown at NAPF Championships!
Final Nominations for USA Powerlifting Men's Nationals!

June 29th, 2006
Pennsylvania Powerlifters set eyes on Men's Nationals in Miami, Florida on July 8th and 9th.
Lifters Maliek Derstine in the 148, Mike Cagliola in the 165, Mike Mastrean in the 220, Steve Mann in the 242 and Niko Hulslander in the SHW division, will all be competeing to become the USA Powerlifting Men's National Champion in their respective weight classes. Winners of this event will qualify to compete at the International Powerlifting Federation World Championships in Norway this November. .
Full Nominations Here
Men's National Championship Preview Video

June 28th, 2006
Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania husband and wife win golden hardware in NAPF American Regional Powerlifting Championships
Janel Brown - 1st place 123 Open
Jim Brown - 1st place 198 Open
Full Results Here

June 16th, 2006
Congrats to Janel Brown winning gold in the 123 at NAPF North American Regional Championships - Results here!

June 10th, 2006
Good Luck to Janel and Jim Brown in their competition this week in the IPF/NAPF North American Regional Powerlifting Championships in Puerto Rico.

May 30th, 2006
Results from the 2006 USAPL Single Lift Championships

May 9th, 2006
New PA Message Board
Applications for the Motivations BP III

March 22nd, 2006
Results from the 2006 USAPL PA State Championships
Get profesional pictures from USAPL PA State Here!

March 1st, 2006

February 28th, 2006

2006 PA State Championship Nominations are up! Entry deadline coming soon!!!!
2006 USAPL Rockview PL Event Results are up!

February 1st, 2006
Updated USAPL Pennsylvania State Records Page
New and improved Online State Records Certificates Store
USAPL PA Single Lift BP and DL Applications

January 26th, 2006
2006 USAPL Collegiate National Championships Web Site
Penn State Powerlifting is BACK!

November 28th, 2005
2006 PA State Championship Web Site Updated!!

November 18th, 2005
PA Alum Jason Beck wins Silver Overall in the IPF Men's Open Worlds!

Check out training video and pictures of Jason at Worlds Here!
Old Articles about Jason Beck
- Brother in Iron Defending Our Country - PurePowerlifting Article June 2003
- News Article of Jason Returning from Iraq in 2004

October 7th, 2005
PA's Jimmy Kavarnos wins IPF Masters Worlds!!!!

October 6th, 2005
American Open National event in Philly Web Site Here!

August 30th, 2005
2nd Annual Max Metal BP Championship Results - Aug. 6th, 2005
3rd Annual Hudson River Strongman Results - Aug. 20th, 2005
2006 USAPL PA State PL Championships Web Site - Mar. 18-19th, 2006

August 2nd, 2005
Nominations for the Max Metal BP

July 10th, 2005
PA Lifters Make Powerlifting USA
Jason Beck, Jim Kavarnos and Steven Mann

May 27th, 2005
USAPL 2nd Annual Maximum Metal BP Championships - August 6th, 2005
NAS 3rd Annual Hudson River Strongman - August 20th, 2005

May 26th, 2005
USAPL PA Single Lift BP & DL Championship Results!!

May 24th, 2005
USAPL Men's Masters Nationals Results Here!

May 11th, 2005
Nominations for the USAPL PA State BP and DL Championships's Steve Mann Places 3rd at Men's Nationals

May 8th, 2005
Day 3 Results are up!!

May 7th, 2005
Men's Nationals Day 1 and Day 2 Report/Results

April 20th, 2005 - Posted by Steve Mann
Updated State Records Here!

April 8th, 2005
2005 PA State PL Championship Results Here!

April 4th, 2005
2005 PA State Championship T-Shirts For Sale!!!

March 27th, 2005 -
2005 PA State PL State Championship Nominations

March 17th, 2005
IPF March Media Newsletter
PurePowerlifting Merchandise on auction in EBAY's Steve Mann in the News

March 2nd, 2005
IPF Men's Worlds Comes back to the USA! Event Web Site Here!

February 17th, 2005
2005 PA Cup Results
2005 PA BP and DL Web Site Here!
Moved News Items from September 2004 and back to PP Archieve
Updates made to the 2005 PA State PL Championships Web Site!

February 8th, 2005
The New Secure Message Board
Minutes from the PA State Meeting Held in December

September 16th, 2004
2004 American Open Powerlifting Championships Information
2004 USAPL Bench Press Nationals Results
Latest USAPL Newsletter
USAPL's New Drug Testing Database
Special Olympics Volunteers Needed Please E-mail Steve Mann Here!

August 9th, 2004
More State Record Updates
PA's Mike Kuhns 2004 Men's 123lb National Champion - Powerlines Interview

August 6th, 2004
USAPL PA State Records Updated
Regional Contest Results Updated
Events Calendar Updated
USAPL Suspended Athletes List

July 14th, 2004
3 PA National Champions - Results Here
Applications for the Maximum Metal BP Applications

June 22nd, 2004
Lehigh Valley Bench Press Results and Article
2004 USAPL Men's Nationals Home Page

April 28th, 2004
USAPL BP/DL Ironman/Ironwoman Championship Results
USAPL Collegiate National Championship Results

April 13th, 2004

PA Powerlifter Jason Beck Returns from Iraq

April 8th, 2004
POWERLINES 18 (USAPL's On-line Newsletter)
2003 USAPL Lifter Ranking
Men's National Championship Applications On-line

March 25th, 2004
Results from the Pennsylvania State PL Championships

March 8th, 2004
Announcement New Co-State Chair - Terri Kunsman and Mike D'Amore
Minutes from the 2004 USAPL State Meeting
Archieved Dec. 2002 thru Oct. 2003
USAPL Pennsylvania State Records Policy Section Added

February 20th, 2004
USAPL PA State Championship Lifting Roster Here!

February 2nd, 2004
Pennsylvania State Records Update Complete
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December 20th, 2003
Applications for the USAPL Pennsylvania State PL Championships

December 17th, 2003
The Pennsylvania State Powerlifting Records are being updated today!!
So far Men's Open, Men's Junior and Men's Teen are completed!
Buy a State Record Certificate for yourself, family or friend on-line today!

December 16th, 2003

2003 American Open PL Championship Results here!

December 14th, 2003
State Single Lift BP Records now online!!
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November 12th, 2003

IPF 2003 Men's Worlds Results here!!
USA's Brain Siders wins the IPF SHW World Title. Check out video of a 893 LB squat!

October 28th, 2003

2004 Pennsylvania State Championships to be held in Clarks Summit, PA on March 5th-7th
October 23rd, 2003

American Open Deadline nears More Here
PA Lifter Jim Kavarnos in USAPL Powerlines 15
USAPL adds a youth lifting program read more here
Find how you match up using the USAPL Contest Database
Check out what's new with Steve Mann

October 9th, 2003

Volunteer to The Special Olympics Fall Festival

August 31st, 2003

USAPL American Open in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Updated the Links Page with new USAPL State Sites

June 30th, 2003

USAPL Pennsylvania State Records Get a New Look!
USAPL Men's National Championship Roster Here
"Have you seen this picture" Recent Powerlifting Hoax

June 12th, 2003

Breaking News: Legendary Powerlifter Anthony Clark in head on collision

June 5th, 2003
Feature Story: USAPL Records: What, When, Where and How much!

PA Drug Testing Resume Suspended PLEASE READ
USAPL Pennsylvania State Records back up on coming soon!
Updated USAPL Pennsylvania Administration Page

June 1st, 2003
Feature Story:
Jason Beck our brother of Iron in Iraq
Women's Worlds:
Team USA places 2nd!
IPF Women's World Championship Results
American Sioux-z Hartwig wins Gold!!
USAPL Powerlines #13
Novice Powerlines Article on Lifting Shoes
USAPL Masters National Results

USAPL Men's Nationals Applications

Updated Pages:
New frames Design for easier navigation.
Article on Jason Beck

May 6th, 2003

Minutes from the 2003 State Meeting
Updated the Regional Meets Section

May 1st, 2003

The New Pennsylvania EC
USAPL PA State BP Championships Results
Contest Results Updated
Regional Events Calendar Updated

March 30th, 2003

2003 IPF NA Cup Results
2003 USAPL Pennsylvania State PL Championship Results
2003 PA State Championships - Awards and Meet Director Comments
2003 USAPL Pennsylvania State Meeting Minutes(coming soon)
Updated Contest Results Section
Updated Pennsylvania Drug Testing Resume
Updated Pennsylvania State Records
Updated Regional Contests Calendar

February 16th, 2003

Agenda for the PA State Meeting - February 28th, 2003
Lifting Roster for the 2003 USAPL Pennsylvania State Championships - March 1st and 2nd
Lifting Roster for the 2003 IPF NA Cup March 1st
Applications for the 2003 PA State BP Championships sponsored by Met-Rx
IPF Rule Changes here
USAPL Powerlines #11
Archieved Article: What can I wear in the USAPL and what are the commands!!!

January 13th, 2003

My future with USAPL Pennsylvania by State Chair Steve Mann

January 1st, 2003 can bulid and support your contests applications

December 20th, 2002
2002 American Open PL Championship Results
Updated Pennsylvania Drug Testing Resume
Updated Pennsylvania State Records
Updated Pennsylvania Results section
2003 Pennsylvania State PL Championship Applications here!


December 9th, 2002
Reminder: Session 1 of The USAPL American Open is now going to start lifting at 8:00 AM
American Open final entries are all posted!
Rockview Icebreaker Bash Entry is posted

December 5th, 2002
American Open Entry Deadline is upl! Check who is entered here!
American Open start time and flights have changed!!! Check it out here!!
USAPL National Champ Rob Wagner to host FREE seminar on December 14th read more here!!

November 30th, 2002
American Open Nominations here!
January 18th, 2002 - USAPL Rockview "Winter Bash" PL Championships
March 1 & 2nd, 2002 - USAPL PA State PL Championships - Applications here!
April 6th, 2002 - USAPL PA State BP Championships

October 18th, 2002
Pennsylvania State Records Updated
October 5th, 2002 Rockview Fall Brawl Results
October 12th, 2002 PA Ironman Results
Pennsylvania Drug Testing Resume Updated

Sept. 30th, 2002

Pennsylvania Sub-Junior Lifter Caleb Williams wins IPF Gold Medal and Best Lifter

(Photo courtesy of the IPF Home Page)

August 21st, 2002

August 11th, 2002
July 22nd, 2002
July 15th, 2002
July 12th, 2002
  • Team Pennsylvania Arrives in Chicago for this weekend's USAPL Men's National Championships
    Below Team Pennsylvania Roster
    1 - 165 - Shawn DeCataldo
    2 - 165 - Jerry Hill
    3 - 181 - Rob Wagner
    4 - 181 - Jim Brown
    5 - 198 - Jason Beck
    6 - 220 - Angelo Poulich
    7 - 242 - Erik Steiner
    8 - 275 - Willie Croner
    9 - 275 - Chris Dippre
    10 - SHW - Wayne Droesser
    11 - SHW - Niko Hulslander
    12 - SHW - Brian Siders

    Team Manager:
    Kimberly Newman
    Team Coach:
    Robert Keller
  • USAPL Keystone State Games Applications are on-line!!!
    • This contest is a first time partnership with the Keystone Games organization. A long time Pennsylvania event that has decided to team up with USAPL Pennsylvania. To help officiate and run their annual BP and DL competition. Entry and information can be found above!!
  • USAPL Slippery Rock Bench Bash date set for September 15th!!
    • Slippery Rock University Powerlifting hosted event. This Western Pennsylvania event should spotlight some great Steel Town benchers. USAPL Elite Jason Beck will be the meet director for this event. We look for this to be a huge success! Applications will be on-line soon!!!
  • USAPL NE Regional Powerlifting Championships Needs a Meet Director!
    • A temporary setback has forced us to find another location for this big event!! Last year we had over 100 lifters. So if your a meet director and are interested in hosting this event please e-mail me at We already have candidates trying to lock down locations, so if your interested please contact me ASAP.
  • 2003 USAPL Pennsylvania States Championships is set for March 1st and 2nd!!!
    • Rob Keller a long time National meet director in the USPF has been awarded the 2003 USAPL Pennsylvania State Championships. He will be running the contest right in King of Prussia. A venue he has used for very large contests and is just a great place to watch and lift. Entries will be out soon, wait till you see what he has in store!

June 10th, 2002

April 22nd, 2002
2002 State Members Meeting Slides (Microsoft Explorer Browsers ONLY)

March 12th, 2002
USA Powerlifting Powerlines Issue #6 (USAPL National On-line Newsletter)

Click here to read a great article on Squat Depth in USA Powerlifting

To Read All the Powerlines Novice Articles:

February 20th, 2002
USA Powerlifting Collegiate National Championship Applications Page

February 4th, 2002
Pennsylvania HS and Open State Championship Applications Here!!!

2002 USA Powerlifting Pennsylvania State Championships Sponsor:

January 22nd, 2002

December 7th 2001

Nov. 27th, 2001

Nov. 11th, 2001

Oct. 31th, 2001

September 20th, 2001

September 16th, 2001

September 11th, 2001

  • God bless the families, friends and anyone affected by this tragedy.And God Bless America!!

September 10th, 2001

  • The 5th Annual USAPL Judgement Day BP Championships a huge success! Results here!
  • Next contest in Pennsylvania the Ironman/Ironwoman Championships, Get applications here!

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September 4th, 2001

Pa State Chair & 1998 Jr. World Lifter Steve Mann & 2001 Jr. World Lifter Erik Steiner
Both co-founders of PSU Powerlifting

August 28th, 2001

August 8th, 2001

Via August 2001 powerLines Newsletter
"Effective immediately, USPF referees in good standing are eligible for grandfathering as USAPL referees at the level equivalent their USPF standing. For example, a State level referee my be certified as a USAPL State level referee, and a National as a USAPL National Referee.
Referee applicants must submit their current USPF referee certification to Mr. Bill Clayton, USAPL Referee Chair. This may either be done through their State Chair, or through the National Office. They must then be endorsed either by an equivalent level USAPL referee, and complete a rules clinic. No practical or written examination is required."
USPF Pennsylvania Referees that are interested please e-mail me at

July 21st, 2001 - National Championships In-Review

Every year at the National Championships there is a meeting where new rules are established, motions can be raised, bids for national contests happen and members get to be heard. As your state chair, I am their to represent Pennsylvania members. To read about what was discussed and decided at this meeting click here.NEW RULES!!!

Men's National Championship results and article to come soon!!
- Pennsylvania Lifter going to Men's Worlds Rob Wagner, alternate at 198 Mike Mastrean.
- 2001 Men's National Results are now up!!

Junior National Championship results and article to come soon!!
- Pennsylvania lifter going to Junior Worlds, at 198 Jason Beck and at 242 Erik Steiner
- 2001 Junior Nationals Article by Erik Steiner
- 2001 Junior World Nominations - location Bulgaria

Are you a USAPL member? 
Have you been drug tested in ANY USAPL contest in the last 3-4 years? 
If your answer is yes. Please e-mail me your name and what contest you were tested in? I am trying to build a USAPL Pennsylvania Drug Testing History Record. This record will be used not only for our own record purposes. It will also show to others that we are committed to being Drug-Free athletes. E-mail me at 

Congrats goes out to new USAPL Pa Referees! 
Dennis Hulslander - State Referee 
John Kearney - State Referee 
Steve Mann - National Referee 
Pa needs more referees!! If you would like to  become a USAPL referee or you are already are a State Referee and would like to become a National Referee please e-mail Steve Mann at 

USAPL PA State Chair Message

Yes I live in New York and I am the Pennsylvania State Chair. This is something that really confuses people and just doesn't seem right. How and why would a NY resident be State Chair?!

Well to give you a little history, I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, Clarks Summit to be exact. I attended The Pennsylvania State University and graduated in 1999 with a Business Logistics degree. While at Penn State I restarted the Penn State Powerlifting team. The club grew and we even sanctioned qualifying USAPL events right there at University Park. As a Pennsylvania lifter I won the 1995 Teenage World Championships under the ADFPF/WDFPF, I competed in the IPF Jr. Worlds and IPF Pan-Am games. I then got a job working for IBM in the Hudson Valley region of NY. So yes I now live in NY, one hour drive from the Pennsylvania border, but my roots are Pennsylvania. 

Not to get into the whole philosophy with the world going virtual, but it has. I work in a global company where I get things done at my job while working in conjunction with people in different time zones and even different continents. So why not Powerlifting? Is it nice to have your state chair right down the street, of course. Is it necessary to be successful, absolutely not. Say I did live in Northeastern PA. What difference would that make the people in Pittsburgh? It makes no difference to the people in Pittsburgh whether I live 6 or 7 hours away, it's not convenient either way. To get in touch with me they would still have to call me or e-mail me. So having a State Chair right down the street is only good to the people in that immediate area, it doesn't help everyone.

How can I  be in multiple places at one time? Well that sounds impossible, but with the right people I can do it. I have recently established a State Executive Board. There are people who showed desire in improving USAPL PA. So I have put them as responsible people in the State and they are the go to people in regions of Pennsylvania. This is a first go around and I know all the regions are not covered but over time there will be. So for local representation you can use these executive board members to let your voice be heard. Plus there are other ways, like the USAPL Pennsylvania Forum. Whatever way you are most comfortable, but as you can see there is more ways to get your voice heard then ever before!

There have been a lot of questions to what the State Chair is supposed to do. So I have scanned the pages of the USAPL rule book and put links to them below. These are very generic and can be interpreted differently. But the key to the State Chair, I believe is to help Drug-Free Powerlifting grow. And I am excited at this opportunity here in Pennsylvania.

USAPL Rule book Description of the State Chair Duties (Hit Back to Return) Page 1  Page 2  Page 3

By the rules there is a fuzzy reference to being a state resident to be qualified to be State Chair. I questioned the National Office before the election in February and they had no problem with me running for State Chair. I was elected unanimously at the State Championships by card holding members of Pennsylvania. Hopefully this helps explain why you have a NY resident as your PA State Chair.

If there are ANY questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me at


Steve Mann
USAPL Pennsylvania State Chair
50 Rinaldi Blvd. Apt 2C
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

By: Steve Mann
New Pennsylvania State Chair

Now that the 2001 State Championships are complete. I can truly say Pennsylvania Powerlifting is BACK!! It's been a couple years since the USAPL has had a true 3 lift contest in the State of Pennsylvania.

The championships were an excellent two day event that included the best lifters in the state of Pennsylvania. Lifters from Georgia, California, New York, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, Canada and the Slovak Republic attended to compete against OUR best. 

Click here for the 2001 State Championship Results!!

State Records breakers were Carol Winkelblech, Ruth Snyder, Pat Johnson, Jessi Kirker, Dennis Hulslander, Todd Hess, Russell Jenness, Andrew Halko and Angelo Poulich. State Records Updated March 1st!! Click here!!

Pennsylvania State Meeting - State Chair Election

By the USAPL constitution it is the members rights to call for an election during the State Championships for the State Chair position. On Saturday February  24th, 2001 a meeting was called after the first day of lifting. The minutes from this meeting click here

New State Chair message:

The previous state chair Bob Granko Sr. is a great man, with a great family that has helped me personally in the past. His involvement with bringing and keeping Pennsylvania Powerlifting strong has fallen off in the last couple years and I thought, along with many others that it was the time for change. I think if you will read my background information at the link below, you will see that I am very involved already and will help in promote the sport of Powerlifting even more at this new position. 

A couple of things I have done in the last couple years include creating this web site to help the USAPL Pennsylvania members and USAPL members in general. You can find out about regional meets, records and rule changes. It gives USAPL PA lifters something they didn't previously have. Plus as a National caliber open lifter, I am impacted by the same rules and changes you are. Some might ask why someone who lives in New York is the State Chair in PA. As I stated earlier I believed it was a time for change and this change is a bit drastic, but it is what I felt would be best for USAPL Pennsylvania and as you can see by the vote count at the election, the members at the meeting believed the same thing. To learn more about me and my lifting background click here.

      Steven T. Mann

Want to buy the 2001 States Video?

Send check or money order to the address below. $15 per day or $25 for the weekend. (Unfortunately the deadlifts for the 242, 275, and SHW were not taped)

Steve Mann
50 Rinaldi Blvd. Apt 2C
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

In the News:
Collegian News Article Click Here

I established a club forum on Yahoo to get communication going. In this forum I will be posting proposals and hosting virtual meetings, telling you of rule changes, updates and more detailed information pertaining to holding a contest in the USAPL. This forum can used to voice your concerns with USAPL Pennsylvania Powerlifting. Click here to get to the Pennsylvania Forum


New Lifters and rules to know
By Steven Mann
If your planning on lifting in your first contest, please be sure to read this article to get yourself up to speed on some rules and some background on things that real important to having for a successful day. more


Changing rules can catch the experienced and novice off guard
By Steven Mann

There is always some confusion on what exactly the rules are and what has changed. A recent post on the USAPL Unofficial Forum discussed denim shirts in the USAPL and whether more


"The Comeback Trail!" by Niko Hulslander

As a lifter prepares for a competition, we all know what kind of dedication, hard work, sweat, blood, tears, and moral support it takes for the preparation. This kind of preparation, whether it be or a local, state, regional, or national level meet can be summed up in one word... "INTENSE". As you read this article, the word "intense" and its definition; "very strong, severe", can and will illustrate every aspect of the gentleman/lifter Jon DeFoor.

I believe it was early June, just weeks prior to the 2000 USAPL Sr. Men's Nationals to more


Penn States Angelo Poulich takes Bronze at the 2000 IPF Junior World Championships

Angelo Poulich, 2000 Penn State Graduate and a member of the 2000 Penn State Powerlifting team traveled to Taiwan for the 2000 IPF Jr. World Championships. He placed 5th overall and took a bronze medal in the Bench Press, breaking his own American Record at 200 kgs. or 440 pounds in the 198 pound weight class. 

The USA Team placed the highest it's been in many years with a second place Men's team finish and a third place Women's Team finish. For complete USA team results Click Here

Lifters prepare for USA Powerlifting Lifetime Nationals

On October 7th and 8th, some of the top Lifetime Drug Free lifters will collide in Newark, New Jersey for Lifetime Nationals. Some top caliber lifters from PA will be in attendance, like Dennis Hulslander, who placed 4th at the 2000 Men's Open. Delaware resident Willie Croner looks to rebound his bomb out at the Men's Open in the 275 lb class. New York resident Steve Mann looks to continue his improvements in the 242 class. Many of the lifters who competed at the 2000 Men's Open Nationals in July plan to bring whatever they can muster. Good luck to all the lifters competing a Lifetimes!! 


Pennsylvania Lifters Compete in the USAPL Men's Open Nationals
Rob Wagner, a Philadelphia resident and strength coach at the University of Pennsylvania placed 3rd in the 198 lb class. Rob squatted an enormous 782 lbs taking the Best Squat in all the weight classes at the Men's Open. Mike Mastrean from Pittsburgh had a rough day not making an attempt in the Squat in the 198 wt. class, this eliminated him from the competition. Patrick Johnson in the 242 class placed 8th in a very deep 242 pound class. He completed a squat of 700 on his second, only hit his opener in the bench hitting 474 and pulled 622 for a solid 1796 total. Missed lifts non strength keep Patrick from placing higher in this class.  Ray Ebner also had a tough day in the 242 class, he missed all of his attempts in the squat, which in turn disqualifies him from the contest. Jon Deefor from Punxsutwani was originally scheduled to lift in the 242 class. He had a severe injury at work two weeks prior to the contest that could have cost him his life. Jon's foot was badly crushed but expects to recover fully from his injuries and to return to the platform very soon. God Bless Jon! Wayne Droesser from Pottstown placed 6th in the 275 lb class. Wayne lifted very consistently making 8 of his 9 attempts, totaling 1857 pounds. In the land of giants Dennis "Niko" Hulslander took 4th in the SHW class. Niko had a rough start in the squat, but to no surprise he had to much heart to pack it in an pulled out an impressive 700 pound pull on his final lift. Many of the lifters didn't have there best days. Competing on the National stage is a great accomplishment that all lifters have bleed, sweet and persevered to accomplish. Great lifting guys!! Keep it up and good luck NEXT YEAR!