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The 2004 Lehigh Valley Bench Press Championships were held on June 5, 2004.  USAPL rules for performance and equipment were followed for the contest.  The contest was held in conjunction with the Lehigh Valley Bodybuilding Championships, where the evening show sees about 700 spectators.  We are hoping that the bench contest grows to be as successful as the bodybuilding contest.

Thanks to everyone who competed.  Hopefully, we will see you again next year. Foster and McCulloch formulas were utilized for best lifter as well as Masters and Junior metals. In some weight classes, lifters won the class with a lower weight due to the formula (being a younger lifter). 

Congratulations to Mike Cagliola who had a great day and went 3 for 3. Mike benched a personal best of 197.5 Kilos.  Another stand out was Ryan Weaver who, at 18, (close gripped) benched 160 Kilos with ease without a shirt.  We hope to see Ryan in some USAPL meets in the future. 

Bonnie Benner won the ladies class with a 77.5 kilo bench (no shirt) at 123.  Bonnie has also expressed interest in lifting in USAPL. 

Theresa Kunsman
LHVBP Meet Director
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