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If your a sports supplement or equipment company that wants to get it's name and links to their site out to people who buy their goods this is the place!

If you are want to sell sports related products to customers in Pennsylvania or in the North East United States this is the place! This site is perfect for personal trainers, gyms and supplement companies, who want to get strenght athletes to view their sites.

A Little about USA Powerlifting:

USA Powerlifting is the largest Drug Free Powerlifting organization in the United States. And is associated with the International Powerlifting Federation, which is the largest Powerlifting organization in the World!!!

USA Powerlifting (USAPL) is committed to be the organization for Drug Free Strength athlete. The USAPL is committed to drug test at least 10% of their athletes and also has random "Out of Contest" drug tests. Our athletes can drug tested 365 days a year.

History of USAPL Pennsylvania's Website History:

Our old domain was on a free geocities platform at Last year this daughter website, which was in it's first year, was viewed by over 120,000 visitors. This year with our whole new look and easy to get to URL, we expect our visitors to grow exponentially.

Advertising Package:

12 Month Package - $120 ($10 a month) - This package includes radom banners on 5 pages of your choice. A 468 x 60 rectangle at the bottom of screen with text following it.

How to advertise with us:

Send your request your If you already have a rectangular banner or square banner in (.jpg, .gif or .bmp), please attach it to the e-mail. If you need a banner made, this can be done at a nominal rate.


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